We at the Greer Campaign thank you for your support, encouragement, and all together positive intentions towards our work, and our hearts desire to create something intended for true change; thank you.

Now that the formalities are behind us, let’s get started….

The Campaign came into being by the grace of God, and more tangibly, a phone call from a friend.

But before I explain the conversation, let’s provide the context. Any good story deserves a DRAMATIC presentation.

It must have been my 2nd or 3rd year in the league, as I was becoming increasingly more comfortable in my abilities as a professional, my personal life was filled with a mountainous desire;  repeatedly unfulfilled. I needed to be a more present father. Although I was achieving a “success” that many men pray for, I had two young children that would cash it all in; for nothing more than a gentle kiss, and a bedtime story.

As a single father ( at the time) I was torn between the desires of my heart, and the desire of theirs. I rationalized the situation, ” I’m doing this for THEIR future”, only it seemed as if my soul wasn’t in the mood for my tomfoolery. I knew I needed to be there, but the desire of my heart, and God’s calling on my life (i realize this now) rendered me helpless; I felt alone, isolated.

Then I received a call…

Paul Williams had the spirit of a man 3x his age, as multiple black belt in karate, he accepted no foolishness, and as a result, none came his way. But this man’s heart…. he was a man among children, yet shared in their heart’s desire. 

One night while alone in my confusion, I received a phone call from Paul.

“Hey J.B, what’s going on man? he asked.

While wearing the veil of “success” i replied, ” Nothing much man, doing good, feeling fine.”

At that moment I heard Paul’s tone drop from polite banter, to an emotional boulder. 

” What’s wrong brother, you sound like you got something on your mind.”I asked.

He opened up.

” J.B, I’ve been doing all that I can for my little girl.”

He continued.

” I’ve been working, raising my daughter…”

I interrupted,

“Hold on, you’ve been raising your daughter?”

” I’ve been raising her for a year now, while working” he stated.

I was impressed.

“But J.B, I am still forced to pay her mom child support.”

I was infuriated.

“I don’t know what to do man, I feel alone, i feel so isolated

I was at that moment, inspired!

Hearing those exact words come out of my friends mouth, the exact emotions i was dealing with, moved my spirit into words.

There needs to be a place where father’s can go to encourage one another. We need a network of support”

From that conversation, The Greer Campaign was born.

 My friend Paul passed a few years ago, unexpectedly, and left a trail of tears in his departure.

So in honoring his memory, as a father giving everything he has, yet needing nothing more than an attentive ear, and a pat on the back; we continue to fight the good fight.

And although we are far from perfect fathers here at the campaign, we WILL encourage excellence, and equip/encourage our fathers to lead in such a manner, that isolation/aloneness will not be an option.

So as  I write to you, I shall not end my time here on earth with unfulfilled ambitions,

We will work to make true change, and I will write to simply clear my mind, and provide for you an insight into the mind of a man…While I’m Awake.



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